Henry Hormozian Financial Services  -
Welcome to Henry Hormozian Financial Services!
We are a professional service firm focusing on providing affordable, outsourced services to small and midsize businesses in the areas of:
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Financial Planning
  • Finance & Banking
  • Tax Preparation
  • Human Resources
  • Business Administrative Functions
Whether you are looking to outsource your business needs, or need a part-time controller to oversee your existing staff, we are the right choice for you!
We can help you in all aspects of your general and administrative business functions, thus allowing you the freedom to focus your time and energy on growing and developing your business!
Our Mission
To help you achieve your business goals by providing you with the highest quality professional business services. We are committed to helping your business succeed.
Call us for a free consultation at (408) 674-7120 or
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